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How Your Money Helps

Your sponsorhip and money helps us in the following ways:

  1. Food for vulnerable people and other people/families in need. Our food and feeding costs are as follows:
    • – Food parcel per person. Consists of a cooked meal, delivered daily: R15
    • – Family food parcel – Feeds two people for a week. Consists of non-perishables (no tinned food or meat: R 350
    • – One day/night of food deliveries: R 1800
    • – Petrol bill (monthly): R 4500 – R5000
    • – Administrative costs (monthly): R 4200 – R 4500
  1. Clothing and other necessities to families. This often includes baby/infant nutritional requirements and consumables.


At Healing Waters Foundation, we ONLY work on a voluntary basis, using private personal transport. We do not have funds for any salaries.

We need the following desperately on a daily basis:

  • Food (bread, fruit, pasta, maize meal, rice, vegetables, soya and/or meat). These ingredients are used for the daily meals and family food parcels.
  • Toiletries and personal hygiene products.
  • Nappies, baby formula, other baby products and instant porridge.
  • Hand sanitiser. We use large amounts of handsanitiser as we need to sanitise the working areas continuously.
  • Plastic shopping bags. We use the bags to package the daily meals and family food parcels.
  • Clear plastic bags. We use the clear bags to re-package bulk items for the family food parcels.
  • Financial support/donations.
  • Volunteers to help with projects, cooking and deliveries.

We need your URGENT and CONTINUOUS SUPPORT. Please DONATE to our cause.

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